The Boy Behind The Blog

I feel like I’ve not ‘written’ on my blog for a while. What do I mean by that? Well all my recent posts have been specifically focussed on a topic rather than me talking about me. So, let’s just freestyle and talk about me for a little while? Does that make me a narcissist? No! […]

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I Miss Riding A Virgin

Whats the best way to travel from Aberdeen to London? I used to love travelling from Aberdeen to London Heathrow on the Virgin “Little Red” service and I have to say as far as flying goes it was a very pleasant experience. It’s such a shame they have since stopped the service. Here’s what happened […]

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Questions To Ask Yourself

What questions do you ask yourself? Here’s a few random questions that I often ask myself and have no answer… Can you get a Snowbow? If it’s sunny and raining then there’s a Rainbow so if it’s sunny and snowing shouldn’t we get a Snowbow? Are aliens real? Do aliens actually live inside the planets […]

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About Me

Another person with a blog? Really? I’m not a “lifestyle blogger” even although I’ve got a great life and bags of style. I’m not a “beauty or fashion blogger” even although I wear nice clothes and my aftershave smells awesome. I’m not a “travel blogger” or a “photography blogger” even although I travel to places and […]

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