These Words Are My Words

  “People will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words.” Khalil Gibran What would your seven words be? (1) “Hmmm” Some might say that this isn’t really a word but I originally had it with an extra “m” and the spell checker suggested hmmm, therefore it must be an actual word, right? I […]

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What The Flickr You Doing?

What is Flickr? Other than sharing my photos here on my blog I wanted some sort of outlet just for all my photos. I don’t think I could cope with running another blog so that wasn’t an option. So, the best option I decided was Flickr. I’ve used Flickr on and off for years and […]

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Social Media To The Rescue!

Social media may have a lot of down sides but over the past week or so it has proved to be a valuable network keeping people in Aberdeenshire up to date with the current flooding situation. It was my first day back at work after the holidays and it’s pretty much not stopped raining for […]

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