A Comedy Come Together

I’m not sure what this says about me as a person but when I watch comedy shows I always seem to like the extra, more eccentric characters more than the main characters themselves. Some examples are below and wouldn’t it be great if all these characters could come together in a comedy of their own? […]

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Hey Music Lover!

A Blatant Promotional Post To Get New Followers On My Music Blog If you love music as much as I do – come and follow: talkaboutpopmusic.com If you only like music share this with someone who has the love! Let’s reblog, retweet, re-re-wind and let the crowd say bo selecta!

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Chernobyl Tour, Ukraine We visited Kyiv, Ukraine in May 2017 and during that time there was one place we HAD to visit – Chernobyl! I vaguely remember in 1986 when the news of the Chernobyl incident first broke but, of course, over the years that followed I have come to learn a lot more about […]

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31 Things That Make Me Unique!

What type of person am I? When it comes to ‘people types’, we’ve all read and possibly participated in various online personality tests. We’ve all read the LinkedIN or Facebook posts about ‘what makes an x, y or z’ type person. I’m sure all of the above have been tested on animals, scientifically proven and all […]

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