Happy #NationalUnicornDay

It’s National Unicorn Day! Also since the Unicorn is Scotland’s national animal – how could I not celebrate? Watch this amazing video and then enjoy an awesome playlist to help us celebrate! Don’t have a music streaming service yet? Try one of these: |  Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music Unlimited  | This post contains affiliate links, which means that […]

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Pizza Friday & Friday Wine Day

Spoiler Alert: This is another one of those irritating “New Year, New Me” type of posts. Well, yes it kind of is – it’s a ‘trying to be healthy’ post but there is a shit load of wine and a big fuck off pizza involved so it’s all good, right? I’m pushing 40 years old […]

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2018: A Wind Of Change

Welcome To 2018 For the past few New Years we’ve decided to give the partying a miss as we’ve done that so many times. Instead we have started welcoming the first sunset of the New Year slightly differently. In 2015 we climbed a mountain, in 2016 we went to sea and last year we travelled […]

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I AM OBSESSED Regular readers will know that I have a slight obsession with Superman and how my wardrobe is pretty much jam-packed with Superman related clothing… I’m basically making it my mission to only own clothes that have a Superman logo (or Doctor Who). I’m easy to buy gifts for because anything Superman related […]


2018: Where To Begin?

It’s Almost 2018! For the past three years we have chosen to skip the New Year’s Eve celebrations so that we have a clear head to do something a little bit different when welcoming in the New Year. To stick with traditions we will be working with the same formula to welcome in 2018 but […]

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The Boy Behind The Blog

I feel like I’ve not ‘written’ on my blog for a while. What do I mean by that? Well all my recent posts have been specifically focussed on a topic rather than me talking about me. So, let’s just freestyle and talk about me for a little while? Does that make me a narcissist? No! […]

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