Santa’s Coming For Us!

Christmas Has Arrived! It’s become a Steve McSteveface Christmas tradition that Greg puts up a nice, classy tree and I get tacky as fuck, go overboard, drink a few glasses of wine and make a video of my achievements. You can see previous efforts here but I think I even outdone myself this year. It started […]

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31 Things That Make Me Unique!

What type of person am I? When it comes to ‘people types’, we’ve all read and possibly participated in various online personality tests. We’ve all read the LinkedIN or Facebook posts about ‘what makes an x, y or z’ type person. I’m sure all of the above have been tested on animals, scientifically proven and all […]

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It’s My Birthday! Yeah? And?

It’s my birthday! Who cares? Who actually gives a shiny shit? Maybe no one? Maybe Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber? Maybe Matthew Modine? It’s just another day, right? Another day closer to death, which when it comes around each year, reminds me of the loved ones who have passed away near the date of my birthday. Inconsiderate/Unfortunate *delete […]

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