See Y’all In 6 Months

Steve McSteveface will be taking a break until October.

Until then you can still follow me on Twitter @MrMcSteveface and on Talk About Pop Music.

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Niche Blog!

​Niche. It’s something I hear all time when it comes to blogging. “What’s my niche?” “Should I have a niche?” “I don’t have a niche – should I?” “I want to start blogging, what should my niche be?” Niche, niche, niche – I’ve heard it so much that it doesn’t even sound like a real […]

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All You Need Is Love (And Hate)

Hater’s Gonna Hate! As Taylor Swift once said “hater’s gonna hate, hate, hate” but what she forgot to do is balance it out with “lover’s gonna love, love, love” – silly Taylor Swift… If I have to share ten things that I love then, just so the world doesn’t implode, I have to then share […]

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CHRISTMAS WAS OVER. All that build up, all the hype and now…nothing! Even the Christmas decorations seemed to droop as if they already knew that the next few days were going to be dull. Dull, dull and duller while everyone waited for the New Year’s celebrations to start. Well, at least I won’t be taken […]

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I’ve Joined The Army!

Haha! Obviously not that army where they do things like running, jumping and climbing trees. No, I’m talking about Haylee’s Moodle Army! I’ve been meaning to join it for a while. So much so that she created a special theme just for me and has pretty much guilted me into joining. Not really, of course, […]

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How To Backup Your Blog

How would you feel if you lost your blog? Did you know that you can back up the contents of your blog? Source: How To Backup the Content On Your WordPress Blog – Hugh’s Views & News Also, don’t forget the fun side of backing up…

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The Top Ten Posts Of 2016

Top Ten Posts Of 2016 It’s that time of year as the sun is setting on 2016 and all bloggers look back and reflect on the year that is about to leave by publishing lists of ‘Favourite Posts’, ‘Most Popular Posts’ and ‘Search Terms’ appearing everywhere. To keep with tradition here are my ‘Top 10 Posts Of […]

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