An Open Letter To Apple

3 New iPhones Coming This Fall


I am super excited to have my iPhone X and for the latest iPhones that will be coming this year.

I really love my Apple iPhone and also my iPad, iPad mini and Apple Watch so thanks for these. However, I would like to draw your attention to a recent injury sustained due to the devices…

While travelling by train I was writing an email on my phone and I made a mistake in my typing. I needed to use an “undo” operation and I remembered that I could do by this shaking my device. However, I didn’t take into consideration…

(1) How hard I should shake the device
(2) How good a grip I had on my device

I shook, my iPhone launched from my hand, collided with an older gentleman who had, until now, been happily reading his newspaper. He sustained such a terrible injury to his eye that he needed a very different kind of eye pad to help heal the wound…

Fortunately, this didn’t actually happen but – it could have.

Please give us an UNDO option within a menu and save any actual flying iPhone related accidents. Or, if I am missing something then please let me know how I should be doing UNDO instead.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.


Steve McSteveface

I love my iPad!

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12 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Apple

  1. Comical scene, Steve! I can see how that is possible! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the follow! Nice to meet you. Congrats on finding your niche with music too. 😆


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