IN THE WOODS: Haddo House

Abandoned Places Scotland

I was recently asked to take this post down as someone had purchased the property. I complied and took it down. I was not asked not to publish it again so here it is…

Following up on our recent visit to Glen o’Dee Hospital, Banchory I decided that exploring abandoned places was actually a great thing to do so with help from Google I found a location.

Where is Haddo House?

First of all for anyone from Aberdeen – this is not the Haddo House that you are thinking of. This Haddo House is hidden away in the middle of a forest near Inverkeithney, Aberdeenshire.

When we visited it was a really sunny day and it wasn’t really a scary experience unlike our previous location had been – it just felt sad. Not much is really known about the building other than the fact that it’s been left to crumble in the forest for over 70 years after the owner just upped and left one day when her husband never returned from war.

It’s definitely not somewhere you would stumble across since it sits all by itself, forgotten in the woods – well, maybe Hansel & Gretel would find it!


Greg and I are no Hansel or Gretel so we needed Google Maps and were secretly hoping that the house was made out of gingerbread!


Greg was gutted when he realised that it wasn’t made out of food but he seemed genuinely sad that this once glorious mansion had just been left to go to ruin.


Even although the house wasn’t made of gingerbread that didn’t mean that there was not a witch hiding inside so we had to think of a plan. Of course, there would be no oven to put her in so we found the next best thing. The fireplace…


Other than the fireplace there were hints at how the place once looked and a lot of original features could still be seen…


I loved the stunning entry arch and the conservatory just off to the side…


The fact that the sun wish shining so bright through the trees and illuminating parts of the mansion gave me a serene, calm feeling as well as a tinge of sadness.


Was there a witch?

Well, we didn’t see her but after looking at some of the photos there quite possibly was. Maybe not a witch but there was something behind one of those windows trying to warn Greg from stealing a couple of little trees…


Of course, it didn’t put him off and he walked away with more than one “little tree” that are now growing in plant pots in our garden.


All in all a worthwhile trip!

If you want to know more about Haddo House then Google it. I’ve just done that and found new information and updates including this video which is awesome! These guys are a bit more adventurous…and professional, than me!

What about you? Have you ever been to any abandoned places? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @MrMcSteveface

Haddo House


13 thoughts on “IN THE WOODS: Haddo House

  1. I thought this blog was amazing, I wonder why you were asked to take it down? You are exhibit a forgotten place, remembering it’s beauty, the sadness of its story and showing what is out there to those who can’t explore 🙂


      1. Hmm, legally I don’t think they can force anything (but I’m not a lawyer*) but morally maybe??
        Depends what their reasoning was – if it was to prevent more ‘explorers’ descending on the property, whether that be to stop potential damage or just because they’d be moving in and don’t want randoms turning up in their back garden, then I’d have to say I might ask for it to be removed. I’m all for empathy and seeing from the other perspective.

        You don’t ask, you don’t get. And they got. Which kind of means that by complying, you saw there was maybe a point to what they were asking…

        * But fairly decent at arguing the toss / playing devil’s advocate!


  2. Like the “lawyer” thinking there, Steve 🙂 … “I was not asked not to publish it again.” LOL!
    The YouTube guys did more exploring, but your pictures had atmosphere 🙂
    I hope whoever bought the house is going to restore it, not tear it down.

    Liked by 1 person

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