Travel Photography: A View From Behind

Travel Photography: A View From Behind

I suppose everyone has their own favourite type or style of photos they like to take and look at.

What’s Your View?

I only discovered my favourite recently as I discussed in this post:

Photography: A Muse From Behind

It kind of happened out of the blue but I love photos of people where they have been taken from behind photographed from a distance while not facing the camera.

I’ve been travelling a fair amount this year and I was inspired recently by a post from ace travel blogger –ย A Brummie Abroad. Every places she visits she always takes a photo of her favourite drink,ย Aperolย Spritzes. What a great idea, I thought, now why didn’t I do something like that? I made a note to myself to start doing something like that.

And then I had a light bulb moment

After frantically going through all my photos from this year’s holiday destinations so far Las Vegas, Stockholm & Ukraine – I already had my theme! Behind!

A visit to Fremont Street, Las Vegas

A trip to Skansen – an outdoor museum in Stockholm, Sweden

Travel Photography

The Mother Motherland statue in Kyiv, Ukraine

Oh – and finally this is from our visit to Pripyat during the Chernobyl tour – my Ukrainian isn’t too great but I’m sure this sign says ‘Does My Ass Look Good In These Jeans?”

What about you – what’s your favourite style of photography?

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Travel Photography: A View From Behind

This post was also part of the weekly photography series with the theme Order