It’s My Birthday! Yeah? And?

It's Your Birthday

It’s my birthday! Who cares?

Who actually gives a shiny shit?

Maybe no one? Maybe Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber? Maybe Matthew Modine?

It’s just another day, right? Another day closer to death, which when it comes around each year, reminds me of the loved ones who have passed away near the date of my birthday.

Inconsiderate/Unfortunate *delete as appropriate.

To make it even more fucking super awesome, I am writing this post whilst on my own, staying at the shittiest Premier Inn in the entire  Universe while eating something that looks like chips, smells like chips but tastes like Lego.

It’s not all doom and gloom however. Using one of my superpowers of predicting the future, I knew this week would be quite crappy so I needed a way of making it not be bollocks, but be the ‘dog’s bollocks’.

How exactly?

Exchange gifts with my ‘birthday twin’ and film the results! Obviously!

WTF is a birthday twin? Haylee at Aloada Bobbins is an awesome girl and we have a lot of things in common including having the same birthday – March 22nd – different years, natch!

You can watch her video here (assuming she has stopped singing while folding up pieces of paper and has found the time to upload her video to youtube).

You can watch my one below.

WARNING – please refrain from watching unless you have 20 minutes to spare and don’t mind the idea of seeing a Scottish twat drink wine, talk shit, laugh at his own jokes while attempting to unwrap presents in a ‘pre-defined’ order.

Enjoy…or not…whatever – I’m too bloody old to care about  what people think anymore…

What about you? Is your birthday on March 22nd? Or, do you have a birthday twin? Let me know in the comments!

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