How I’ve Built Up Thousands Of Reddit Karma…


…check me out!

That might have been the title of this post had I been inclined to write it but that type of post is #NotMyBlog!

The Reddit thing is true but that’s beside the point – can I just talk about my blog for a moment?

Wow! Aren’t I polite in asking first before I go all ‘me, me, me’?

Why did I start ‘my blog’ and why do ‘my followers‘ …no, I hate when people say ‘followers’ –  if you want to sound like Jesus, go right ahead and talk about followers (spoiler alert: things didn’t actually end well for Jesus).

I much prefer ‘connection’ or something else that’s a bit less cu*ty (the starred out letter there was ‘L’ just in case you were wondering).

When I started blogging it was a platform for me to ‘share my stuff’ and people liked when I ‘shared my stuff. This stuff included my random thoughts and opinions, some photos, some videos and generally just posts taking a humorous reflection on life. I would in turn then enjoy connecting back with others or seeking out other like-minded sharers of stuff.

Recently my ‘feeds’ on various social media platforms have been flooded with ‘How I Used This To Get That’ or ‘How I Do That And Now I’ve Got This’ or some other ‘I’m Fucking Awesome’ type of posts and it’s got to the point where I feel I am missing out on my personal requirements from other blogs i.e. people sharing their stuff I like.

I connect blogs to my feed for some recreation not for an education.

So, why am I even connected to those blogs?

Well, you know when you’ve watched a TV show from the very first season and as the seasons go on, the original characters or presenters have left and moved on. The show no longer has the same appeal of what made you watch it in the first place! It’s a bummer right? This can happen with blogs too – I have experienced this.

By the time I’d been blogging for over a year I got the best piece of advice from a non-blogging friend of mine and it was quite simple. She told me she had loved my blog since the start but didn’t like all the music stuff I was churning out now. To be fair, I did a lot of churning when it came to music. What can I say – I love music! Anyway, she said…

“every time I see there’s a new post from you I get excited but when I see it’s just about music again I’m like urrrgh and get disappointed. Isn’t there a way you can just have a separate blog for ‘that music stuff’ and keep ‘Steve McSteveface’ for all the other stuff everyone likes”

What a great idea! If you’ve realised there is a potential niche no, that’s another word I hate. If you’ve realised there is a ‘passion topic’ within your blog then extract that topic from your existing blog and go indulge in it somewhere else – somewhere that other people will also want to, like, love and jizz all over the face of that topic too!

In my case Talk About Pop Music was born and is now more popular than ever (thanks to Reddit but shhhh)

This personal blog is still shovelling out the shit other stuff that people connected to it for in the first place.

Anyway, going back to Reddit, the simple fact is I am using Reddit not just to increase my ‘connections’ but because it’s actually pretty cool really. Yes, I could sell my soul story by doing a fancy post about it but I won’t. Why? To clarify – that type of ‘look at me I’m fucking awesome’ post is #NotMyBlog – it’s not what originally made people connect with me. Would selling my ‘secrets’  really make me money anyway?

If I see another post that says ‘how I made my first billion from blogging – and now you can too’ or something else just as nauseating I will lose my shit all over my £299 home office chair.

Sure, people make a career out of money from blogging and good for them!  I’ve got a career I love which coincidentally allows me to write, create, publish, blog, tweet etc and still get paid a salary that pays for a 3 bedroom house in the country, brand new car, 5 holidays a year and all the gadgets I want. So for me – blogging is my hobby.

Would I like to make extra pocket-money from my blog? Would I like to get free stuff? Of course – I’m Scottish not stupid.  However, it’s not my – or the blog’s main goal.

What is the aim, objective, mission statement or (insert other ‘buzz word’ here) then? Simple, it’s just simple!

“I’m just a guy, writing stuff on a blog asking you to connect with him…”

Using a simple, WordPress hosted theme with no annoying pop up subscriptions, minimal advertising, no ribbons, awards or badges. No numbers, promotions or giveaways just stuff I like to write that you like to read.

Thanks for flying with Steve McSteveface airlines…have a pleasant onward journey!