The Top Ten Posts Of 2016

The Top Ten Posts Of 2016

Top Ten Posts Of 2016

It’s that time of year as the sun is setting on 2016 and all bloggers look back and reflect on the year that is about to leave by publishing lists of ‘Favourite Posts’, ‘Most Popular Posts’ and ‘Search Terms’ appearing everywhere.

To keep with tradition here are my ‘Top 10 Posts Of 2016’

Cat's Scratching Post Donald Trump
10 – “The Cat’s Scratching Post” – My cats go through scratching posts so quickly. Sometimes when Bingo is going crazy with it she looks like King Kong on the top of the Empire State Building. I’m sure everyone (not just cats) would love a shot at this particular scratching post!


Best Posts of 2016
9 – “Football Goal Post” – Recently there’s been a new football pitch built across from my house and since I’ve never been a sporty person or liked football my mission in 2017 is to walk across, give them all a ball so they don’t all have to fight over the same one!


Post Brexit
8 – “Post Brexit” – I’m almost as much of a political person as I am a sporty person so I was fed up of everything before Brexit and now it’s ‘post Brexit’ I just wish they’d all hurry up and sort themselves out. So long as it doesn’t affect Eurovision I’m happy!


Grand National
7 – “The Finish Post” – Every year I place a bet on the biggest horse race in the world, The Grand National and pretty much every year my horse never reaches this post! Well, except once but I donated my winnings to charity.


Lamp Post
6 – “The Lamp-post” – There’s a lamp-post in the lane next to my back garden which hasn’t worked for over a year. Before it stopped working I was always complaining as it lit up the garden and now it’s not working I’m complaining that I can’t see a fucking thing when I’m in the garden!


5 – “The Postman (and sometimes the lady Postman)” – I only have one message for them – STOP WALKING THROUGH MY FUCKING HEDGE!


The Sunday Post
4 – “The Sunday Post” – A fantastic newspaper made in Dundee, Scotland. I was lucky enough to see the stage show of The Broons and also do some work for the publishing company of the newspaper


Katie Hopkins
3 – “The Leaning Post” – Everyone loves a good lean don’t they? However, if I was this particular leaning post and this horrible, troll Katie Hopkins was leaning against me I would rip myself out of the floor and start hitting her around the head with myself. Dear Katie – I hope your next shit is a hedgehog!


Celebrity Deaths 2016
2 – “The Fence Post” – This fence post is just outside the ‘Celebrity Graveyard’ which has been very busy this year and I’m sure they are all having a post-life party together!


Adventures in Driving
1 – “The Parking Post” – I passed my driving test this year and if you’ve read my story ‘Adventures In Driving’ you will be amazed at the fact that I haven’t hit any of these posts…yet!

There we have it – my Top 10 posts of 2016. Which was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014


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