Who Says New Year’s Resolutions Can’t Be Fun?


Christmas Is Over!

That “warm fuzzy” feeling that Christmas gave us is now overtaken by the urge to set unrealistic and unachievable goals for the year ahead…

We all succumb to these “good intentions” every single year. Some of us succeed and most of us will fail. Fact!

Stop smoking, stop drinking, eat healthy, get more exercise…

Did someone say get more exercise? Ok, that sounds achievable. I don’t have to give up anything, it’s just an extra task, right?

There’s usually all sorts of fads involved with exercise regimes – jazzercise, boxercise to name but two. These are old news people – join with me in the new craze that is about to take over the world!


The actual description is…

“Prancercise is a holistic fitness method based on “a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation” created by Joanna Rohrback.”

My description…

“While you are walking to work with your iPod on, just dance like a twat because you know you want to anyway!”

Created by a lady who looks like she’s Frenchie from Grease slightly crazy grandmother who also happens to have the biggest camel toe in the world – my transition from 2015 to 2016 is going to be done while prancing my ass off!

This is what the lady herself has to say…

Okay! Who’s with me? Join the prancing revolution NOW!

Once you have finished watching all the promotional and parody videos on YouTube I’m quite confident you will be prancing along with me!