We Survived Hurricane BawBag – Bring It On #StormBarbara


Storm Barbara

In Scotland we are currently all being warned to prepare for StormBarbara – bring it on I say.

I’ve had to pick my wheely bins up in the garden twice already and I’m sure it won’t be the last time – I’m fine with that. But how can you possibly take the name ‘Barbara’ seriously anyway? It sounds more like one of your mum’s friends who drinks too much gin!

Last year was the start of the first storms being officially named by the Met Office which obviously I had a personal interest in…

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 21.51.16

So why did the UK decide to officially start naming storms? Well, I think it’s pretty much down to the fact that us Scots just can’t be trusted…


Unfortunately, we never reached #StormSteve and I was pretty gutted and wanted to know why so click the tweet below to see the full conversation I had with the Met Office…

Storm Steve

And since we’re talking storms – remember what #StormFrank did to this bridge…

But on a lighter note, who can forget the “Oh My God Trampoline” video that came about amidst Hurricane BawBag…

Stay safe everyone!



2 thoughts on “We Survived Hurricane BawBag – Bring It On #StormBarbara

  1. Oooh, you are getting famous now Steve. Hurricanes are called cyclones here. But I doubt that my name will be immortalized – too rare and unique I suppose. Hunker down and enjoy some wines while watching the trampolines flying around

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