Help! What’s The Best Way To Welcome 2017?

New Year 2017

For the past two years we have done something different (rather than simply get drunk) to bring in the New Year…

Celebrating New YearCelebrating New Year

This year, to bring in 2017, I want to continue this tradition but I am struggling about what exactly to do. 2016 was get high, 2015 was get low so I was thinking things like ‘lost’, ‘between’, ‘past’, ‘future’ but haven’t got much more ideas to back these ‘themes’ up.

So, I am looking for your suggestions. What could we do that’s a little bit different, doesn’t involve lots of travel or spending lots of money? Hit me with it and let me know what we should do!

Also, let me know how you will be seeing in 2017 (and also goodbye to the terrible 2016) – what will you be getting up to? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014