Using Excel To Analyse Your Blog Statistics: Part One – Referral Pie Charts

Using Excel To Analyse Your Blog Statistics

How important are Stats to Bloggers?

I think that every blogger will admit that they check their stats fairly often. WordPress provides a great tool with figures and graphics allowing for us to check our stats in an simple way to pick out lots of useful info.

However, it’s quite limited and not very exciting.

Can we make our stats look more sexy?

What if we want to show to prospective collaborators how well our blog is doing? Or…what if we’re just sad and a little geeky and love to mess about in Excel? What’s possible with our WordPress stats and some Excel loving? Let’s find out…

Using Excel charts to visualise Wordpress stats

This isn’t going to be a step by step tutorial but merely showing the end results. A step by step tutorial can be provided (that’s my day job and I’m not at work right now) if required.

Pie Charts

The simplest of the chart family. Simple and very effective if used correctly. They always work best with one data series with only a few categories. You can have them flat, 3D and if you are feeling really adventurous – exploding! Oh yes – who said Excel wasn’t fun?

What can I use a Pie Chart for on my WordPress stats?

If I wanted to know where all the traffic in the year 2016 was coming from to reach my blog – I could use a Pie Chart for that.

Pie Chart: Traffic Referrals

This does it’s job really well and tells me that the majority of my traffic comes from search results. As this is the first time I’ve seen this in graphical form I’m quite surprised by the small amount that comes from Twitter – some work obviously needing done there then!

The section in green above represents ‘others’ – all the other miscellaneous items that couldn’t have been included as it’s own data point in this Pie Chart otherwise it would have just looked too busy.

However, these ‘others’ are important too and they need to be represented too – so let me introduce the Pie Of Pie Chart.

What is a Pie Of Pie Chart?

When you have a small piece of the pie that is made up of a number of categories that don’t have big enough numbers to part of the big pie – put them in a separate pie. Think of it as when you are eating a lovely apple pie and some of the filling has oozed out and is dribbling down your chin!

Pie Of Pie Chart: Traffic Referrals

What do you think? Easy as pie, right? Now when someone asks ‘where does all your blog traffic come from?’ it’s much easier to show this than having to go into your Stats page and try and work it out from there.

This was all done using only Microsoft Excel and is the first in a series of posts that will explore all the chart types in Excel and how you can use them to analyse your blog’s stats.

Would you find this useful? Do you love Excel as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below or tweet @SteveSays2014

Using Excel To Analyse Your Blog Statistics