17 Things To Do With The Extra Hour When Daylight Savings Time Ends And The Clocks Go Back

Clocks Go Back

When do the clock’s change?

It’s officially the end of British Summer Time on October 30th as the clocks are put back one hour. The nights are darker and the dreaded C word looms ever closer but on the plus side – an extra hour in bed!

However, rather than waste that precious hour sleeping what are our other options please?


Lady Gaga has been dropping new songs left, right and centre recently ahead of her latest album “Joanne”. You could watch the video to the lead single – “Perfect Illusion” 19 times.


Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens and as much as we’d love to watch Ed Balls or Lesley Joseph tear up the dance floor – wouldnt you much rather watch Anne Widdecombe be dragged around the floor 58 times.


The X Factor live finals are upon us but who remembers the Chicken Guy? You could watch his audition 26 times.


Christmas is fast approaching and it’s always exciting to see what advert John Lewis come out with. Last year’s was a disappointment and I still love the 2014 version so we could watch that 19 times.


The Apprentice is back on to with the latest bunch of up their own arse arrogant arses. Rather than watch them and get annoyed thinking you could do so much better why not watch the brilliant cassetteboy’s amazing mashup of previous episodes 9 times.


We’ve not had any new Doctor episodes in a long time but the trailer for the Christmas special “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” has just been released so we could watch that 48 times!



Spare a thought for the One Direction fans who have not fully gotten over their break up. Not to worry they could always listen to Niall Horran’s debut solo song “This Town” 17 times.



You could listen to the soundtrack for the new Bridget Jones film soundtrack on Spotify



Or you could watch the “fight” scene from the previous film 24 times…



With an hour to spare you could watch a speech from Donald Trump…



Or one from Hilary Clinton…


Or forget politics and watch Donald & Hilary sing the theme tune to Dirty Dancing…



American Horror Story is currently on the 6th season. Sadly, I miss Jessica Lange and I would much rather watch her version of “Gods & Monsters” 24 times.



Okay, so you’ve been on YouTube a little while now so it’s probably about now that you would start looking at funny cat videos…



There are so many funny lip sync videos on the internet but why watch them when you can watch mine 13 times.



You could watch this video about magic chocolate 171 times and even then you still won’t have worked out what is going on.



So many choices but what will most of us end up doing? Sleeping through it of course! So let’s end the thought of the worst ways to be woken up during our extra hour of bedtime.


What about you? How will you spend the extra hour or what would be your suggestion? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

When do the clock’s change?



8 thoughts on “17 Things To Do With The Extra Hour When Daylight Savings Time Ends And The Clocks Go Back

      1. Ours change a week later than yours. And I despise the practice and think that it’s idiotic. I have a traditional post that I put up in both the fall and spring at the time the clocks change. I’ve been putting that post up twice a year on my blog since I wrote it in 2006


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