Adventures In Driving


I passed my driving test in February 2016 on my 3rd attempt. It was a great achievement for me and I thought that was the hard part finally over. I was wrong!

Since I had written posts discussing my failed attempts and also after I passed, I always knew I wanted to write an update to share my “adventures” after being let loose on the roads alone.

I’ve just sat down and noted all the topics/events/mishaps/ that I would have wanted to include and I’ve realised it’s no way all going to fit in one post. The phrase “I could write a book about it” has never been more apt.

What I’m going to do over the next few months is dedicate some posts to my adventures in driving which I will very imaginatively title – “My Adventures In Driving”.

You might be thinking surely there’s not that many stories. You’d be thinking wrong. Think police chase. Think 30 mile detours and think trying to find a public phone box at 12 o’clock at night and that’s only three things!

As a little taster of things to come and how crazy my world of driving is – imagine a small residential bridge that I have to cross and use a key fob to open the bollards. Imagine me forgetting my windows were down and that I’m driving 2 miles/hour across this single track, tiny little bridge with dog walkers either side. What song decided to belt out on my random music playlist?


The looks I got!

Before I begin posting my stories, tell me about your driving tests. Tell me about your “driving adventures”. Share them with me in the comments below or you might even want to write a post about them and we can link them all up. I look forward to hearing them!