I’m On Vacation – But You Can Still Do This…

I’m on vacation from 3rd September for two weeks and during that time it will be the 3rd anniversary of this blog – Steve Says… so I have came up with not just one fun & exciting blog plan, but two…

Fun & Exciting Blog Plan Part One

Someone once said “It’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary”…

I say – “It’s A Jolly Holiday with You Guys”.

What do I mean?

For the 2 weeks I am away – September 3rd to September 17th I want to share your posts by re-blogging them. This will keep my blog busy and perhaps it will also allow you to gain new followers.

So, all you have to do is…

In the comments section below leave a link to your favourite post from the past few months, describe your blog and then imagine me lying in the sun by the pool, beer in one hand, iPad in the other and I will re-blog your post from there! Genius!

Fun & Exciting Blog Plan Part Two

I loved what Haylee from Aloada Bobbins did to celebrate her “blogiversary” which was to invite her readers to basically ask her any question and then she answered all the question in a Vlog post. Well, I’m stealing that idea because I thought it was awesome so all you have to do is…

Leave me any question you want me to answer in the comments below. Also Genius!

Finally, once I return from vacation and answer all your questions there will then be a few changes on Steve Says which I am very excited about too – watch this space!

I look forward to reading and sharing your posts, answering all your questions on, and also..my holiday!

Please share this post, re-blog it, tell ten friends to tell ten friends and share the blog love!



42 thoughts on “I’m On Vacation – But You Can Still Do This…

    1. Thanks so much. I will defo reblog and answer the question. Just one thing – can you put the info in the comments of the blog post just so everything is together 🙂


      1. Okay, I’ve come up with two questions. You can choose which to answer!
        1) If there was an all human film made of your life, which actors would be best to play your cats and why?
        2) Your international stardom has given rise to a line a merchandise, including Steve Says dolls. There are three available. What are they / how are they dressed?


      2. Ooooo interesting. Good questions and I’m glad they are not bug related haha. Don’t forget to share the post and get me more questions and the chance for others to get a reblog 🙂 kaching

        Liked by 1 person

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