Things To Do In Aberdeen: His Majesty’s Theatre Tour


Things To Do In Aberdeen: HMT Tours

If you are a fan of the theatre and always wanted to see a backstage tour then this is for you.

This is something I have wanted to do for ages and finally got around to it and I have to say it was well worth it and I would have happily paid twice the price.

The tour was very informative with the two tour guides Jane and Gladys a wealth of knowledge about the theatre’s 110 year old history and I learned a lot!

After the initial meeting in the foyer and a brief overview we were advised that as there were no shows on that evening there was an empty stage so we could take as much photos as possible. Had there been a show on with all the sets in place we would not have been allowed to take photos so in a way I’m glad there was nothing on.

We were taken through the new (and also fab by the way) 1906 restaurant and into the hospitality area where of course I was transfixed by the chandelier


It was then on to the Upper Circle where I have sat on several occasions but this time it was much different. It was deadly quiet of course – we were the only ones in there. Fantastic but eerie both at the same time…


Gladys and Jane kept sharing their knowledge and it was stunning to learn more about the history while effectively having this great theatre all to ourselves.


Following a trip through the old foyer we then ended up in the Director’s box which I have always wanted to sit in but after realising that it’s a pretty poor view of the stage I’ve changed my mind…


Although saying that, the view of the rest of the theatre from the box was quite awesome…


We were now getting close to the most exciting place – the stage but first the stalls. I consider this area to be the best seats in the house…


Even Greg was considering what he would write for his first script to rival Cats when he was sitting there all by himself pondering the sheer beauty of the empty theatre. Well, either that or he was wondering if he’d fed our cats before he left that morning…


We passed the orchestra pit, the laundry room, the green room and various other rooms backstage and I was surprised by how little space there is – it must be hectic during performances but it was very interesting to see. Of course there was the obligatory ghost story about Jake the theatre ghost!

Finally, the stage and to be honest the stage itself wasn’t that exciting but I didn’t expect it to be and that was fine as I was mostly interested in looking out on to the theatre and the funny stories from Gladys about the  kept us entertained on the stage…


Now, my only regret is that I didn’t get a photo from the stage of just myself or Greg being the only people sitting in the theatre as I think that would have been incredible. However here’s a view of the theatre from the stage…


Greg on stage…


Me on stage…


Finally, the ultimate selfie…

FullSizeRender 9

Thanks to Aberdeen Performing Arts and Gladys & Jane for making this a great experience!

What about you? Have you ever been on a behind the scenes tour of a theatre? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

Here’s the technical details about this amazing tour!

Under the guidance of enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers, visitors can explore His Majesty’s modern £7.8 million extension as well as the 100-year-old original building, designed by the legendary theatre architect Frank Matcham.
There’s an opportunity to get onstage and get a performers-eye view of one of the most beautiful theatres in Britain. Then it’s backstage for a glimpse of the inner workings of a busy theatre – and pick up some inside knowledge of its spooky past.

HMT tours run for approximately one hour fifteen minutes and involves stairs. Please contact 0845 270 8200 if you have any special access requirements.

For groups and schools please email to arrange a visit. Meet at His Majesty’s Theatre box office at 10.30am – tours finish 12 noon.

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