Curing A Two Day Hangover With Netflix & BBC iPlayer


What’s the best cure for a hangover?

For me – it’s Netflix.

At the weekend I had one too many cocktails and the last thing I felt like doing was sitting in front of a computer writing on this blog. All I wanted to do was be horizontal, take my brain out and connect my eye sockets to Netflix. So – I did.

I can’t remember the last time I have ever watched so much TV but it was great, well needed and I watched some great stuff!

What to watch on Netflix

You might be surprised by how much media I consumed over the past few days but bear in mind it was constant.

I started off with a film…

Joe Dirt

This was chewing gum for the eyes and gently eased me into the day. When I then realised there was a sequel that had just been released recently I had to have it…

What to watch on BBC iPlayer

Flat TV

I found a new show on BBC iPlayer called Flat TV and had quickly consumed the first four episodes…

I then moved back to Netflix and finished watching the final few episodes of a show I had started watching a few days earlier…

Stranger Things

Finally, I started to watch show which I soon was hooked on and absorbed the first season before I knew it. I love this and I am now on to the second season and can’t get enough of it…


I thoroughly recommend all of these – hangover or not!

What about you? How do you cope with a hangover and have you any good TV/Film recommendations? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

5 thoughts on “Curing A Two Day Hangover With Netflix & BBC iPlayer

  1. I’ve never watched Netflix as I find there is always enough to keep me entertained on TV and iPlayer. Hangovers? I don’t get them anymore. I put it down to getting older 😀
    If you want to add to your “to watch” list, then add “The Living And The Dead.”

    It’s one of the best things I’ve watched for a very long time. I don’t get gripped by TV shows very often, but this has blown my mind. I wish I had written it.

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