Stop Splitting My Chicken And Just Get Cooking!

Doing things differently

Sometimes people carry on doing things the same way they have always done even although circumstances change and times move on.

These people are splitting my chicken!

What do I mean by this? Read this short story that one of my old bosses told me and it has always stuck in my mind…

There was a woman, cooking chicken. Her daughter was watching her, and asked her why, before she put the chicken in the oven, she split it up by cutting the legs off of it and put them into the oven separately.

“I don’t know,” replied the woman. “My mother always did it, and I just picked up the habit from her. We’ll ask her.”

So, the next time they took the daughter to see her grandmother, they both asked the grandmother why she cut the legs off a chicken before cooking it. The grandmother thought for a while, and said, “It’s just a habit of mine; I do it because my mother did it.”

Fortunately, the great-grandmother was still alive, in a nursing home. So, the next time they visited, the three generations of women asked her why she cut the legs off a chicken before cooking it, as it was a habit that had been passed on without them knowing the reason why.

The old woman laughed, and told them that when she was young, and just starting out in the world, she cut off the chicken’s legs because otherwise it was too big to fit in her oven.

Basically, ovens have changed – as has everything else in our daily life – and most of the time it’s for the greater good. So, I say – embrace change!

What about you? Do you do things because that’s just how it’s always been done? Do you like change?

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