My Band’s Very First Album…

Other Consumer Goods...I’ve just started a band and this is our first album cover art.

Not really – I just wanted to play this “game” again…

I first seen this a few years ago and I’m not quite sure who thought of it first so I’m not going to credit anyone for it but I won’t take the credit for it either…but it is fun.

If you had a band and needed an album cover what it would it look like. Follow these rules to find out…

  1. Go to , select ‘random article’ – the title is your band name

  2. Go to , select ‘random page’ – the last few words of the last quote is your album title

  3. Go to wikipedia, select ‘random article’ again – do a Google image search on the title, select one from the first batch, that’s your album cover 

  4. Open your photo editing software of choice, and throw them together, either artistically or not

  5. Share it in a new post

Don’t over-think it. I only took 10 minutes but could easily see myself spending hours. Share your results with me in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

Here’s mine…

Other Consumer Goods...


7 thoughts on “My Band’s Very First Album…

  1. lol I was going to do this and it all went fine until the last section.

    My band name was Deraniyagala’s beaked whale

    My album name was: They call it versatility

    My album cover, well that’s another story on my last random article I got the name of a high school and I am not comfortable using that as an album cover, so just assume it’s all white with black lettering lol 🙂

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