Aberdeenshire Horror Story: Glen o’Dee Hospital, Banchory


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In my post “Would I Do It Now? Would I F**k!” I discussed all the dangerous/scary places that I “played” in when I was a kid and how I looked back with horror. Well, today I revisited that horror first hand!

I must be going through some sort of mid life crisis as I get close to 40 where I find myself looking for some more excitement in life so on this quiet Saturday afternoon I stumbled across a website called 28 Days Later which is a site where people share photos of their “adventures” in old, abandoned, and let’s not forget dangerous and scary, buildings.

Where is Glen O’Dee Hospital?

This really interested me and combine that with my love of American Horror Story: Asylum imagine how excited I got when I read on the forums that there was an actual abandoned hospital only 30 miles away – Glen O’Dee Hospital. I couldn’t get to the car quick enough although convincing Greg took more work and even when I told him I would dress up as Jessica Lange and sing “The Name Game” that only seemed to put him off more.

When we got there of course there were warning signs and fences up but that just made me more determined and it actually wasn’t too difficult to get in. When I first saw the building for the first time I have to admit I was becoming a little scared and obviously I made Greg go first…

IMG_4106 2

We walked to a little window and there was a small ladder leading up to it so obviously we weren’t the first visitors but were we the only ones today – that was a scary thought! Inside the first room was quite dark and there was glass, rocks and just general shit everywhere but seeing the book on the table by the fireplace was kind of eerie…


The building was massive and even although I already sort of wanted to get the hell out of there we needed to at least explore a little. Some of the floors were missing so I was having to deal with real danger as well as the fear that some of the horror movies I watch might actually staring playing out live right in front of me as I kept expecting some crazy dude with a disfigured face, mask, chainsaw, knife, axe or possibly all of the above, might appear at any doorway any second…


Wandering around you got a real sense of how this place had been “real” at one point. There were signs, notices and various items left over from another time that when you looked at them kind of sent shivers down your spine…


There were also signs left from more recent visitors…


I knew there must have been about four floors and a basement but there was no chance I was going anywhere near the basement but I at least wanted to go upstairs…


What’s also quite bizarre is that although we were wandering inside a building encapsulated with  horrible memories of people’s darkest times, only 100 yards away is the new modern hospital which I could see through the broken windows. As I looked out I heard a strange noise from further up the corridor and at that point I really wanted to be in that nice, new hospital! Instead, I posed for another photo…


By this point it was getting quite dark and becoming clear that I definitely wasn’t going to find Jessica Lange. Also, the longer we stayed there, the higher the chance of something really scary happening was so we decided to leave.

On the way out I was slightly ahead of Greg and noticed that there was some kind of receptionist area so I hurried ahead and got behind the little window. As he approached I peeked my head out and shouted “Yeeeees, how can I help?”.

He wasn’t amused.

The visit was certainly an experience and I’m glad I did it but let’s hope we don’t have nightmares tonight! I’m now going to trawl through all the photos of the building to see if I can see a ghostly face at any of the windows…


What about you? Have you ever visited an old abandoned building…or would you like to? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

You can see the full gallery of photos below…if you dare. The blurry ones are the ones Greg took as he was too busy shaking to take a good photo.

If you see any ghostly appearances at the windows in any of the pictures – let me know! Finally, for much better pictures look at the page on 28 Days Later.

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Update 14th October 2016Firefighters work through the night to battle huge blaze at derelict north-east hospital.

Sadly this site has since went up in flames – very sad!