Celebrating Scotland: 10 Things I Love About My Country #1 – Music

scotland_640Should Scotland remain part of the UK now that we have been removed from the EU despite voting against it?

When we had the vote for Scottish Independence I voted to remain part of the UK because I was happy being Scottish, part of the UK and part of the EU. Now that it has been decided for us/against us to leave the EU my thoughts about becoming an independent Scotland have changed

I am so proud to say I live in Scotland! When I think of all the great music this amazing country has produced. So #1 in this series is Music.

Let’s take a look at some brilliant Scottish artists producing wonderfully patriotic songs anthems. I did try to restrict to 10 artists but us Scots are just sooo pure dead brilliant that I couldn’t limit it down…

The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

These guys are nothing short of Twintastic and no matter what party, gathering or function you attend in Scotland this song is guaranteed to get everyone on their feet. How ever many drams we’ve had we can still belt out “Da lat da (Da lat da), da lat da (Da lat da)”…

The Corries – Flower Of Scotland

Now, I’ve just learned something as I always thought “Scotland The Brave” was the actual official national anthem of Scotland but apparently there isn’t one and it’s only one of many tagged as the unofficial national anthem. I always thought Flower Of Scotland was the official unofficial national anthem but it seems it’s just as unofficial as all the others. Confused? Me too.

Maybe we should just vote for national anthems instead of independence?

However, this song would get my vote and I can’t believe it was only written in 1967. It refers to the victory of the Scots, led by Robert the Bruce, over England’s Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. English, pah…

Dougie MacLean – Caledonia

I’ve only ever lived in Scotland but this song actually makes me miss it even though I’ve never even left…

Eddi Reader – Auld Lang Syne

Everyone, yes, everyone all over the world starts off every, yes every, New Year with a Scottish song and Eddi Reader delivers this Rabbie Burns classic so brilliantly…

Annie Lennox – Here Comes The Rain Again

The first of my “local” girls. Well, local in the fact that she was born in Aberdeen. However, unlike other Scottish female artists (naming no names, Lulu and Sheena Easton) she is proud of her roots and doesn’t turn on and off the Scottish accent when she wants to. As for the song choice, well, have you ever been to Scotland? If not, bring an umbrella when you do…

Deacon Blue – Dignity

One of my all time favourite bands and it’s just a bonus that they are Scottish too. This is a song with a story that I simply love, just listen to the lyrics…

Texas – Say What You Want

Another fantastic band and this time fronted by the very talented Sharleen Spiterri. The song speaks for itself. You can say what you want about us Scots but we really don’t give a shit…

Travis – Happy

The obvious choice from Travis would have been “Why Does It Always Rain On Me” but this song is just as good because even when it does rain on us all the time, we’re still happy…

Susan Boyle – I Dreamed A Dream

What a lady, what a story and what a voice. Some American dude once said he had a dream and some other American dude said something about the dream but SuBo dreamed a dream and made it reality…

Emeli Sande – Read All About It

The second local girl, Emile Sande, grew up in my village – Alford. I didn’t know her but still live in hope she will pop round for a Pinot Grigio one evening. She has gone global and it’s all about her talent, I love the fact that she is only ever in the headlines because of her music unlike most female singers these days (mentioning no names, Cheryl). Try listening to this song without getting a chill down your spine…

Rod Stewart – Rhythm Of My Heart/Sailing

I couldn’t list Scottish songs without having one with bagpipes and who better to present them than the Rodfather of Scottish rock music, Rod Stewart…

So, there we have it and that’s only touching the tip of the iceberg as there are just far too many wonderful singers, bands and songwriters from this tiny little country for me to mention them all.

Are you proud of your country? Let me know about it in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

I couldn’t resist adding this…

42 thoughts on “Celebrating Scotland: 10 Things I Love About My Country #1 – Music

  1. I am descended from Scotland too – with a surname like Duff – I visited Dufftown and did the whisky trail there so these videos brought back some memories. Love Susan Boyle of course, and Rod and Annie. I remember at Lock Ness finding a lone bagpiper there playing – I was the only traveler on the road, literally so I think he was playing to try and get Nessie to come up again – didn’t work though

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  2. Yes to all of these although I would include Runrig singing Loch Lomond as well. Dignity by Deacon Blue one of my all time favourite songs and as for SuBo – bit of a guilty pleasure watching the video clip of her stunning them all on BGT. Aberdeen batting above average in that selection!

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  3. Huge fan of Lennox and this reminded me that I used to really like Texas – it always amuses me that my grandad is a fan of them too – he went through a phase of loving them and Sophie Ellis Bextor!
    Pretty cool about Emelie Sande – I didn’t even realise she was Scottish. We can at least claim we produced the Housemartins / Beautiful South I guess!

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  4. You must admit that Commonwealth Games opening was pretty embarrassing (at least until Amy McDonald turned up). There was some serious Rod, Jane and Freddy homage going on with John Barrowman there.


      1. Most days no; but this is NZ where we like to think of ourselves as universally descended from Robert the Bruce and Bonnie Prince Charlie (except those of us who actually are Scots, and are descended from generations of Fife miners), so there are a couple of pipe bands that practice not too far from here and I’m sure if I gatecrashed a local wedding I’d find a piper. I remember years ago getting off the overnight Auckland-Wellington train at about 7am, and there was a whole pipe band playing in the railway station forecourt. They were from Scots College and had turned up to welcome the First Fifteen back from a tournament up north.


  5. Love The Proclaimers, didn’t realize that song was popular there, thought it was just for us US folk. Annie and Rod have my votes too as well as bagpipers.

    Better no anthem than ours, that you have to have a decent voice to sing it at all. Rocket’s red glaaaarrrre… freaking high notes, ugh.



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