Suzie and Steve’s Day of Fun!


Suzie Speaks

Ok, it wasn’t an entire day of fun, more like a few hours in the afternoon when he had finished work, but The Bloke and I finally met my bloggy friend Steve (from Steve Says) in Aberdeen today.

We locked eyes across the seating area outside the cinema and embraced like old friends. There was music in the air  (the local Chiquito’s must have sensed how momentous the occasion was as it was blasting out some 1960’s Motown), the seagulls were squawking the songs of their people, and the wind had dropped from the force ten gales we had experienced the day before to a nice breeze. It was beautiful, it was emotional.

Actually, I had been quietly bricking myself all morning. I’ve known Steve for several years – there isn’t usually a week that goes by that I don’t speak to him on Twitter or via the blog comments…

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