#NationalSendANudeDay – Here’s Mine

IMG_0380It’s #NationalSendANudeDay and it has reminded me of the leaked nude photos of celebrities that happened last year.

Matt Smith – the eleventh actor to play the Doctor in the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who was one of the victims of the nude photo online hack shenanigans that was a huge scandal. This got me thinking – if it can happen to a Time Lord who has saved the universe so many times then it could happen to anyone…

It started off with celebrities but then everyday people were having their rude snaps uploaded either by someone hacking their Snap Chat account or by a disgruntled ex in what is being called “Revenge Porn“.

Since I like to be in control of my own destiny (and nakedness) I’m not going to wait until some nerdy hacker uploads me and my bits. No, I’m going to get in first and post my own snap on my own terms.

If everyone else in the world follows suit (it could be called #birthdaysuit) then we will have beaten the hackers – next step Terrorists!

I normally include pictures in beside the text of a post. However, because (a) 99.99% of people probably don’t want to see a picture that has me completely naked in it and (b) I’m going to keep the offending image on one server only.

So, you have the choice – click here ONLY if you want to see the photo…