From A Distance

Regular readers of my blog will know that I was in Stockholm recently for the Eurovision Song Contest final and it was pretty awesome to say the least.

There will be a more in depth post about the contest itself coming shortly as I am slowly but surely getting rid of my my PED (Post Eurovision Depression – it’s an actual thing, you know).

Another big Eurovison fan is Hugh from Hugh’s Views & News and he runs a weekly photo competition with a different theme each week with the latest one being Distance and he suggested I might use a couple of my photos from my expedition and, well, you should never disagree with a Welshman!

The first one is a photo of the actual venue but from a distance – and it still looks huge! It’s called Globen and is the largest spherical arena in the entire galaxy…

On that photo you can also see the edge of the Eurovision Village and the EuroClub as well as the Royal Palace where Elsa and Anna live.

The second one is of the stage from our seats and even although we were quite high up we had a great view of the stage, the large screens and the green room…

As soon as I titled this post I simply had to create a mix-tape on Talk About Pop Music with the same theme.

Don’t forget to check out other entries at Hugh’s site and even enter a photo of your own – he doesn’t bite unless he’s hungry!