An Open Letter To The Daily Star – Re: Eurovision

Dear Daily Star,

Thanks for bringing to the public’s attention that there could perhaps be a security threat from ISIS to the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden this year. However, your headline sucks – whoever wrote it and also whoever approved it to go ahead, should hang their heads in shame!

This is the headline with a link to the article…

A play on words incorporating the 1969 winner, Lulu and her song Boom Bang A Bang. It’s simply disgraceful!

It’s shameful because many people have already died in terrorist attacks throughout Europe. 

It’s sad because this news reported by REAL newspapers regarding this story has actually made fans who are attending the show this year scared, me included – for the first time might I add, yet you appear to be trivialising it!

Shame on all involved in this story from Daily Star! Nul points to you! See, I can be a smart arse too I just don’t make light of potentially tragic and devastating situations to try and sell more newspapers which by the way most people these days don’t read/believe anyway! Dumb-asses!

Stay safe everyone in Stockholm – see you there!

ISIS – fuck off!