Stand By Me…

My favourite film is “Stand By Me“. Who always stands by me? Greg, my cats…and also my iPhone, iPad and iPad mini…I wanted to capture this in a photo.

I tried to use all the devices to show photos of Greg’s feet and the cat’s paws standing by me in my trainers.

This is the original…

Stand By Me - Original

Stand By Me – Original

Since Gordie Lachance is the main character in the movie I applied the Gordon filter…

Stand By Me - Gordon

Stand By Me – Gordon

Next, I added the text and I wanted it in a handwritten font…

Stand By Me - Text

Stand By Me – Text

I wanted to give it a border that somehow showed it in a TV format so I applied a soft border…

Stand By Me - Soft Border

Stand By Me – Soft Border

All edits were carried out using Pixlr Express.

What about you – how would you represent your favourite movie in a photo form? Try it and share your results with me.