What’s The Best Feedback A Blogger Can Get?

Feedback is a gift!

When bloggers publish a post there are a few things that will make them smile once the post is out there for the world to see but what is the best feedback a blogger can get on one of their posts?

There’s no disputing that bloggers need/want/love feedback. There’s a small smile that comes when we see the new like notification although that can’t always be trusted. There’s a bigger smile when we see the comment notification and perhaps an even bigger smile when there is a reblog or a new follower.

There’s also a slight increase of the old heartbeat when we see this…

Your stats are booming, looks like your blog is getting a lot of traffic!

These are all great indicators that people are reading and engaging with our posts that we have spent time researching, writing, double and triple checking to make sure they are perfect before we hit the publish button – this is feedback that we love and gives us that extra reassurance (if we need it) what we are doing is worthwhile. That feedback system works but it can be open to abuse and perhaps not always  a true sign of how the post has been perceived.

I also write a lot of posts about celebrities and I will mention them on a twitter post and occasionally I’ll get a favourite, perhaps a reply and sometimes even a follow but let’s be honest – we can never be sure if it’s automatic, if it’s actually them or a PR person.

So, what’s the best feedback a blogger can get?

Yes, it’s great when the blogging community engage with your posts or you get a Twitter response but what about if the person you wrote the post about actually got in touch via email to communicate directly to you – wouldn’t that be awesome?

I can actually tell you – it is awesome because it recently happened to me.

Last year I wrote a series of posts called Soap Star Superstar where I identified an actor from a soap and summarised the show, the character they played and researched about what they had been up to since the show.

Who is Derek Lord?

One of the posts was about an actor called Derek Lord who was part of a Scottish soap called Take The High Road. I discovered that he had then went on to play a role in the hit show Game Of Thrones

Soap Star Superstar: Derek Lord

The other day I got an email from Derek himself to say thanks and also share a story about his time on Game Of Thrones. The email went something like this…

“Hi Steve, Just chanced upon your piece on the High Road. Thanks for the kind words. I got quite a kick out of doing Game of Thrones although I was so wound up that I didn’t sleep a wink the night before my scene was shot. That might explain why I tripped over the camera dolly’s rail half way through the day. I broke my index finger and fractured my wrist. After three hours of filming I couldn’t bear the pain any longer and got the first aid guy to look at it. I was whisked off to the nearest hospital immediately. As Mallister’s principal supporter I was supposed to be in the next two episodes but the actor playing Mallister died two days later and they just binned the scripts. Lucky, or what? Derek Lord”

I thanked him, told him he had made my day and asked his permission to share the story on the blog…

“Hi Steve, Good to hear from you. By all means use the GOT story. You could also add that the actors in the Night’s Watch were a great bunch to work with. Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow was very concerned when he saw how much pain I was in. He’s a really down-to-earth bloke with no sides to him. It was a major mistake to kill him off. I was a bit miffed that nobody from the production company bothered to contact myself or my agent to see how I was after the accident. I was in plaster for three months and was strongly advised to sue the company but I reckoned they had enough on their plate without having to worry about insurance claims so I let it go”

How good is that? The fact that he came across my post and then took the time to write a personal reply to me really made me feel just that tiny bit special.

Granted – it’s not Kylie Minogue but this is an actor that I grew up with watching on the TV who then went on to star in one of the biggest shows of the moment so I’m claiming this as a personal blog achievement!

Thanks Derek and all the best for the future!

What about you? What has been the best feedback you have had?


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30 thoughts on “What’s The Best Feedback A Blogger Can Get?

  1. how excellent and exciting. I blog because I can’t help myself – usually it forms in my head whilst I’m ironing, sleeping or shopping and i just have to stop everything, or get up and write. I never know when or what its going to be about!!! I long for blog share but i’ll keep writing anyway

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  2. Anything to do with Game Of Thrones is super cool, so what a scoop that is & so nice to hear that the lovely Kit Harrington is actually lovely. I remember Take The High Road mingled with memories of Paint Along With Nancy & that programme where the ladies all drank coffee and chatted (can’t remember its name!).
    Like you say, you can never be sure how genuine feedback is as artists are promoting themselves after all, but I did get a gig review retweeted by Mel C once & another favourited by Matt Cardle. I’ve had emails from singer Ady Johnson & the chaps from Ships Have Sailed, who may not be well known, but they were chatty and personal, and to feel that they took the time to do that means a lot to me. My biggest claim to fame is that the Kaiser Chiefs follow me on Twitter!

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    1. Yeah, it makes us happy when we are retweeted doesn’t it? I once got followed by Marina And The Diamonds but then she immediately unfollowed – I was super excited and then gutted all in the same minute lol

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  3. Nothing to report on this topic but I just wanted you to know that you are read down here in Aussie land so your notoriety is far reaching. I do enjoy getting the odd comment every now and again. well done you on your connection with Derek, great feedback. 😊

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  4. The best feedback I had was from The Husband. He is an e-mail follower of my blog. He will often point out typos I’ve missed and unless asked, rarely offers an opinion. Then, he actually commented on a post that I had scheduled and which “went live” while I was a way! Took my breath away, he did!

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  5. What a great thing to happen. That’s so very nice of Derek to take the time from his busy schedule to write to you.
    I’ve not had anything like that happen to me, but the best feedback I get is when I get a published author telling me they’ve loved one/some or all of my short stories and that I should put them into a collection and publish them. I’ve been told several times to do that and now I’ve finally allocated time to do just that.
    BTW – Take The High Road was also broadcasted in Wales!

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  6. This was great feedback indeed – jealous. New to all of this so not much feedback for me yet but makes my day when somthing pops up in the notification box. Like you I am also Scottish so try to add anecdotes that are specific to our place in the world but should also appeal to a wider audience.

    Best so far has been on a post I did about Bond Themes and the worst is when I got my facts wrong and was put right – still eedback however and meant I was able to put it right.

    Enjoy your blog a lot.

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    1. Thanks – yeah I was really pleased and I’ve had people correct some of my posts too but then I have corrected others so it’s all good. Nice to hear from a fellow Scot 🙂

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      1. Haha, don’t worry about it I didn’t even notice. I often make mistakes in comments but don’t see that as too important, it’s not like its within the post itself 🙂


  7. Wow, that’s an excellent story. The best feedback I ever got was from my Dad. Not that his comment was awesome or anything, but my Dad happily read my blog post (without me making him) and responded like a fan.

    So that has a special place in my heart. (But I think getting someone from Game of Thrones to post a reply and tell a vignette about GoT filming… that’s amazing. My dad needs to get a job on Game of Thrones!)

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  8. For realsies?! That’s awesome, especially for this GoT fanatic to read!!
    Take the High Road is a throwback too – remember sitting in front of the fire,watching it with my nana! Go you!

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