Saturday Morning Telly – It Ain’t What It Used To Be


Here’s the third and final part of my look back at some more Saturday Morning shows.

SMTV (CITV, 1998-2003) Dear old Ant and Dec became Saturday Morning presenters and ended up being a huge success. I didn’t watch this show that much but I do remember some of the fun games including Challenge Ant and the classic Wonky Donkey. After Ant and Dec left the show they were replaced by some bloke who used to be in Hollyoaks, and then he was replaced by some bloke who used to be in Steps, and it just wasn’t the same. sat9

Swap Shop (CBBC, 1976-1982) One of the earliest CBBC Saturday Morning shows which was groundbreaking with many of its ideas and is still very fondly thought of today by the viewers who watched it, as Noel Edmonds and his telephone invited lots of star guests into the studio.

Teleganticmegavision (CITV, 1996) Another short-lived…

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