Make Anything Fun!

Do you struggle with doing some things because they are just not fun?

Well, make it fun..!

I’m a believer in the philosophy that you can make everything fun. I have recently been told that when people are leaving to go anywhere I don’t say “goodbye” I always say “have fun”. I never even realised I do this.

Now, I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning the house but once I’m in the “zone” and up for it I sometimes find it quite rewarding. Last weekend Greg was out at a work’s barbecue and I was all by myself in the house. I knew I should do cleaning but how could I make that fun..?

I decided to have a “Cleaning Party” obviously. I knew there was a chilled bottle of wine waiting for me whenever I needed it, I put my “every UK number one song” playlist on random and had simply no idea what song from the last 60 years would play next. Was that fun enough? No…

I discovered if you add a pair of “sticky googly eyes” to anything – it makes it fun…


I discovered dressing up in old clothes that you just can’t bring yourself to throw out is fun. Especially when you zip the hood up as high as no hoods should ever go…

I then discovered cooking for one is fun so long as the wine is open, I have a camera and someone (Greg) to send a WhatsApp video message to…

So, anything can be as much fun as we choose to make it.

Have fun!

30 thoughts on “Make Anything Fun!

  1. I thought I was the only one who did the “have fun!” thing… of course, with some friends I amend it to “have fun and be careful!” but that’s just because you’ve got to get specific with them or they’ll lose an eye.

    Also, I am running out to buy a couple packs of googly eyes today. In various sizes, of course.


  2. Hahaha I love this! My living room needs some dusting, must go get some googly eyes! Your lip-syncing is on point, by the way! I may have to be a copy-cat, so I can send something like this to my hubs!



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