RIP Brucie | Bruce Forsyth – A Tribute: Nice To See You! Yes, Yes It Was!


Goodbye Old ‘Friends’

The recent deaths of the legends that are Cilla Black, Sir Terry Wogan, Keith HarrisDavid BowiePaul Daniels & Ronnie Corbett among many other greats has once again made me realise it’s a sad fact of life that as we get older the celebrities that we grew up watching on television go to the big studio in the sky.

They die.

It’s all very sad for a while with everyone paying their tributes.

We forget.

What if, just once, a celebrity had a chance to read a tribute, from a fan, before they passed away?

This is not intended to be a morbid post in any way as I was inspired to write it after reading an article where the celebrity himself discusses his own mortality.

UPDATE 18th August 2017: Sadly, Bruce Forsyth passed away at the age of 89

Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you…Sir Bruce Forsyth!

Bruce has had an amazing career spanning an incredible seven decades and he has accompanied me every step of the way along my journey through life from a little square box in the corner of my living room.

You could say that when I first “met” Sir Bruce he was already in the twilight years of his show biz career and was best known for being the highly entertaining host of peak time television quiz shows. However, he has many more string to his bow than that and many people tend to forget this.

Inspired by Fred Astaire, Bruce became a dancing and singing child star at the age of 14. Topping the bill at high profile theatres he then made his television debut in 1939 which eventually paved the way for him to become the compere of the world famous variety show, Sunday Night At The London Palladium.

Star: With Nat “King” Cole

Not just a star on the stage, Bruce also went on the big screen and played the part of alongside Julie Andrews in the film musical Star!

It was later on in his career that he became the host of the quiz shows. I remember watching him on Play Your Cards Right, The Price is Right and then the return of The Generation Game

The thing I love about Bruce is that the quiz part of the show was extra, it was his time spent with the contestants that was, by far, the highlight of these shows.

He can sing, he can dance, he can make people laugh. There really is no end to this all round entertainer’s list of talents and there will never be another man who can even get close to the same level as him.

He’s got catchphrases, poses, an iconic chin and Miss World as a wife. Now, didn’t he do well?

At the age of 87 he was still working. Not so much these days but he still regularly appears on Strictly Come Dancing prime time television and dancing and still making us laugh just as he has always done.

Brucie Bonus: Performing at Glastonbury 2013

He’s won every award possible, been knighted by The Queen, carried the Olympic flame and appeared at Glastonbury music festival.

If there’s a Brucie Bonus Bucket List then I’m really not sure what he would have on it.

He proves he can still take a joke at himself as his Comedy Roast proved!

So, thank you Sir Bruce – thanks for entertaining me for the past 36 years. Keep doing what you do best as long as you can.

When the sad day comes that Bruce tap dances up that stairway to heaven I’ll say to people…

“I will miss Bruce, do you know how old he was?” and they will say “Hmmm, 82? 83?” and then I shall say “Higher, higher…”

I’m sure he would appreciate that joke!

This was the article that inspired me to write this post.

What do you think? Who would you like to give a living tribute to? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @MrMcSteveFace

Bruce Forsyth


10 thoughts on “RIP Brucie | Bruce Forsyth – A Tribute: Nice To See You! Yes, Yes It Was!

  1. I was so sad to read about Ronnie Corbett. The Two Ronnies was a family favourite and a highlight of our week. Their jokes were just so clever – The Four Candles was the best skit ever. Very witty. Sir Bruce was also a big part of our childhood too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this! I too grew up with Bruce, first being introduced to the Generation Games…and on the conveyor belt tonight we have….a cuddly toy!
    My living tribute would probably be to the Queen! Great job Queenie! 🙂



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