Netflix Jukebox: Aziz Ansari – Will You Be My Boo?

A few months ago I was very sad when I watched the final episode of The Office after watching all the seasons over a period of just weeks. I was in despair, what could fill that hole? Well, luckily I found something…

There were a few suggestions as to what show I should allow to take over my life for the next few months but the one I opted for was Parks & Recreation and what an awesome choice that was!

It’s similar in many ways to The Office mainly due to the fact it’s made by the same team. However, once again I am literally loving all the characters for very different reasons. It is literally – thee best show I have watched in the past few months…

If you took The Office and placed it in a government setting then you have Parks & Recreation. Of course the storylines are different and the characters are different but they are all equally as amazing.

I love Lesley Knope’s organisation, April Lugates negativity, Andy Dwyer’s simpleness, Ben Wyatt’s hair and Chris Traeger’s positivity and voice – everything!

I would have to say my favourite character is Tom Haverford who is played by Aziz Ansari – his humour, expressions and actions have me in hysterics.

Unbeknown to me I had actually listened to Aziz Ansari’s stand up comedy routines on Spotify whilst I was on vacation last year but I didn’t know he was in this show – he’s great at stand up as well!

I’m not quite finished Parks & Recreation yet but I know I will be literally gutted when I have no more episodes to watch!

Usually, I don’t “binge watch” tv shows as in watch every episode in one weekend but yesterday I discovered Aziz has a Neflix Original show called “Master Of None” and I watched all ten episodes in one day! He is funny, if not funnier in this show. He also writes it too and I have to say it but I think I have a tiny bit of a crush on him…

So, Aziz Anzari – will you be my boo?

What about you? Have you watched these shows and what would you recommend I watch once I finish Parks & Recreation? Please let me know in the comments!