Third Time Lucky?

During 2014Β I posted this which was my first attempt at passing my driving test. A couple months later I shared it again after my second test. Then in 2016, I had my third test…

The day began with me trying to psych myself up for it, telling myself I can do it, doing last minute looks at instructional videos online…and putting the laundry away.

I felt more confident this time but I still had doubts. How can I “gear” myself up some more, I thought. I then recalled a time about a year or so ago when I was having a tough time at work and remembered how I got over that. I played a song that totally gave me my self belief back…

It really worked for me back then so there was me playing it full blast in my kitchen and dancing around like a crazy person. I did feel much more confident so off I went for my test.

I didn’t have any problems with the “show me, tell me” questions this time so then it was time to do the first part of the driving. The examine gave me instructions on where to head to…I, for whatever reason, decided to go a different way. “Okay, you went the wrong but that’s ok just go this way now” she said. Whoops, I thought, but I can’t be failed for being an idiot and my way is much more scenic! Got away with that.

The examiner tried “chit chat” but I just thought “shut it” and only listened to her when she said “driving stuff”. When it was time for my manoeuvre she said it was a “turn in the road” which I know as a “3-point turn” so after I stopped looking for a turd in the road…

Manure in road

…I did my manoeuvre. It’s my best manoeuvre so I was so glad she got me to do this one – and I nailed it!

The traffic on the way back was fairly busy but I thought I had held it together okay. I wasn’t sure if I had passed but at I kind of knew I had done better than the previous attempts.

Once it was over, as she was about to give me the results, I was convinced it would be a fail. Then she said “you’ve passed but…”

I have no idea what she said after the “but” – I was in a state of shock. I had PASSED!!


It didn’t actually sink in for ages and I’m not sure if it even has!

It’s not an Oscar, there’s too many people to thank so I’d just like to thank “Sunshine On Leith!


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45 thoughts on “ADVENTURES IN DRIVING: The Third Attempt!

  1. Reblogged this on Steve Says… and commented:

    It’s been almost 3 weeks! Stay tuned for the next update which will probably be called something like “Misadventures In Driving: Make Sure You Get Into The Correct Car After Shopping”


  2. congratulations, when I passed (second time) the driving instructor said congratulations you have passed and as the words left his mouth the car started rolling backwards cause I hadn’t put on the handbrake, I told him too late you have said it now. πŸ™‚

    My cousin passed after his 7th time, and has written off 3 cars so far

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      1. Haha, get a Sat Nav to talk to you. Didn’t have them back when I passed but I know for about a week after passing I kept waiting for someone to tell me to take the next turning on the left! That was until I was confident to blast the tunes out!

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  3. See! See! See! You DID IT!!!! I told you -for you – three was a charm!


    Seriously – congrats!

    And yeah, I’m so glad you figured out what would totally get you into a really good mind frame – ah music – the sweet honey of the soul – could there be anything better than this type of “high”?


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