Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Come Together!

And so it begins…

Talk About Pop Music

The visual identity and theme for Eurovision 2016 has been revealed – Come Together.


What a great choice – bringing people together through the power of music! Although I never really stop talking about Eurovision, I now feel that I can talk about it and it’s actuall okay since the contest is only a few months away.

Last year the them was Building Bridges and there was a competition to submit a “video bridge” which I did with my friend from Australia. Sadly, it wasn’t shown during the final but I had fun doing it…

I hope they do something like that again – although, “come together” leaves itself open to all sorts of innuendo does it not?

Usually I start reviewing Eurovision entries once all the songs have been chosen but this year I’m far too excited to wait so will be reviewing them as soon as…

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