#ICYMI: Talk About Pop Music (PodCast) – The Radio Request Show 23rd January

Just in case you missed yesterday’s Radio Request Show…

Talk About Pop Music

In case you missed it here is the “PopCast” for the latest talkaboutpopmusic Radio Request Show. It was great fun as always – I hope you enjoyed it! 

Here’s some quick instructions on how to download or simply just listen below…


Don’t forget – the PopCast is only available for 7 days so download it if you want to keep it!

Make sure you tune in to the Radio Request Show next time where you can request a song to be played and ask for a “shout out” to promote you, your blog or whatever you want to share to the other listeners live on air…and possibly even WIN A PRIZE! Check the end of this post for details of previous winners.

If you want to get your request in early then leave a comment below or tweet me @stevesays2014 and I’ll make sure it’s played on the next show!

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