ANOTHER GIVEAWAY & The Next Radio Request Show

Don’t forget to tune in and win this Saturday! Will you be listening – let me know!

Talk About Pop Music

The online Radio Request show just keeps getting better! The next show will be Saturday 23rd January 20:00 – 22:00 (GMT).
There will be another GIVEAWAY! Yes, that’s right – me, a Scottish man, is giving away something for free two weeks in a row!

What is the GIVEAWAY?

It’s a choice between 3 options this time – a £10 ($15) gift card from an online retailer of your choice OR the chance to become part of pop music history in the most awesome way OR something a bit random! The random option will be revealed if you win and choose this prize.

For details of last week’s winner, click here.

How do you win it?

All I ask is that you like and comment (say hi to me, whatever) on this post and share it across your social media weapons of choice as often as you can – the more you share…

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