A Slightly Different Take On “My, How Times Have Changed Since I Was Young”

Changing Times

There are so many great articles and blog posts out there about how much things have changed from when we were young to how things are today. We love reading them and they make us feel all nostalgic. Fab as they are, they are all very generic so I thought I would share a more personal twist on the theme…


There was a song at number one in the charts that, to me, is the sound of the 80s. It is still my “go to” song of a Friday evening after a few glasses of wine. The song was…

I loved it! However, back then I could only hear it when it was played on the radio or Top Of The Pops. As for knowing more about Tiffany herself I had very little access to that – we didn’t have satellite and we didn’t have a video recorder! The song was number one for ages but eventually it started slipping down the charts.

I panicked!

It’s not going to be played on the radio anymore, I’ll never hear it again – what was I going to do? My only options were to either record it from the radio but I can’t even remember if I had a tape recorder back then or, which I couldn’t afford anyway, buy the cassette single from the shops.

The song, of course, dropped out the chart and I somehow got over it.


One morning as I’m getting ready for work where part of my morning routine is checking my Twitter while I “drop the kids off at the pool” – oh come on, everybody does it!

Imagine my surprise when I get a reply from Tiffany to a tweet I had sent her the night


To summarise, how would I sum up how times have changed?

In 2016 I can tweet Tiffany while taking a shit!

Thanks Tiffany – I still love you (even although it could have been your management tweeting me), I love the mature version of my favourite song and I wish you lots of luck with the new album!

What about you? Do you have any personal moments that sum up these changed times? Let me know – leave me a comment or tweet me @stevesays2014