A GIVEAWAY! And The Next Online Radio Request Show

Do you want to win a prize? Will you be tuning in?

Talk About Pop Music

Remember tune in tomorrow at 20:00 GMT. Meanwhile, leave a comment, reblog and retweet for your chance to win!

The talkaboutpopmusic radio station is a massive success and as I have decided to focus mainly on the Radio Request Show it’s time to share with you an update.

The next show will be on Saturday 16th January 20:00 – 22:00 (GMT) and here’s the new promo…

Even more exciting is the fact that there will be a GIVEAWAY! Yes, that’s right – me, a Scottish man, is giving away something for free!

What is the GIVEAWAY?

It’s a choice between a £10 ($15) gift card from an online retailer of your choice OR the chance to become part of pop music history in the most awesome. This will be revealed if you win and choose this prize.

How do you get it?

All I ask is that you like and…

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