David Bowie – A Genius Mix-tape!

What was your favourite song by David Bowie?

5 thoughts on “David Bowie – A Genius Mix-tape!

  1. Can’t pinpoint my favourite song, there were all so many – probably if I had to say my favourite album, it’s Hunky Dory, with Eight Line Poem, Kooks, Life on Mars, Changes, Quicksand…so many beautiful songs – BUT then – there’s so many songs I loved from his earlier catalogue, as sourgirlohio above said, Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed would be one of them, I also love Janine, Cygnet Committee, Letter To Hermione, An Occasional Dream, Memory of a Free Festival (we listened to that last night during dinner – living in ‘Bowie-ville’ (South East London, that one is particularly poignant) – all from the ‘Space Oddity’ album…bloody hell I’d just like to put it out there that there’s not been a song of his I’ve not liked (although I won’t EVER play Cracked Actor in public, it’s the only song i’ve ever skipped over).

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  2. I loved all his music but I think his tribute to Freddie Mercury was outstanding, when he knelt to say the Lord’s Prayer. He always broke the rules in music and fashion and, at that time, broke it with style and grace.

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