Mash It Up, Mash It Up, Mash It Up – BOOM!

I know I need to eat more fruit and veg, I know I need to exercise more, I know I need to stop smoking – I’m not an IDIOT!

What I could have done is say “right – I’m going on a total detox NOW” but let’s face it that would never work and so many people fail at this.

What I have done is say “ok, let’s try this for shits and giggles and see how it goes…”

So, what am I trying?

Well I bought some stop smoking stuff and I’ll give that a bash again.

I’m going to take some soup and cereal to work and have that instead of sandwiches and other crap. I might go out for a walk at lunchtime or even jump out the car on the way home and walk the last mile – we’ll see.

My most exciting thing was…dun, dun daaaa – the purchase of a “Nutri Ninja“…. 

Now, if this doesn’t make eating fruit and veg fun then nothing will. Hence the “mash it up, mash it up, mash it up – BOOM!” In the title of this post.

I’ve already tried two recipes and did you know that there’s actually about a million different types of fruit and veg – the possibilities are endless I tell ya!

I may get bored of it, I may end up shitting like a mother f***er but at least I’m trying, right?

What about you? What have you tried so far this year? Do you have a “Nutri Ninja” and if so what do you think?

Please let me know, leave a comment below or tweet me @stevesays2014 – I love hearing from you!


14 thoughts on “Mash It Up, Mash It Up, Mash It Up – BOOM!

  1. This line, this one right here: “I may get bored of it, I may end up shitting like a mother f***er but at least I’m trying, right?”

    Do not use that ninja every day, or the ninja will kill you. The ninja will sneak into your intestines and slaughter you.

    Otherwise, yum. 😀

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      1. You know what – I’d be happy to. I don’t have lots, but I have some at home. I’m at work right now, but would be happy to send some your way once I get my hands on them. You want me to post them here…or email…?

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