Get Stevie McCrorie Playlisted On The BBC!

This is madness – if you agree then there’s a wee petition to sign. Appreciate it!

Talk About Pop Music

maxresdefault (1)Please read and sign this petition if you agree. Stevie McCrorie won the UK Voice 2015 and is having some issues. He went to the same school as me so I have to support the locals!

Here’s the petition if you want to sign.

Here’s the story:

From Mark Mclean…

As a Fan of BBC’s the voice and a license payer it disheartens me to see the lack of support from commercial BBC Radio (and TV) for an artist which they themselves (or us the license payer) have helped nourish.

Not only is Stevie McCrorrie a credible artist who has penned a fantastic first album, he is a hard working individual who seems to be up against it as far as air play on commercial BBC radio is concerned!

People love Stevie’s music, let them hear him on the radio! the issue that people have is that there is not…

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