Social Media To The Rescue!

Social media may have a lot of down sides but over the past week or so it has proved to be a valuable network keeping people in Aberdeenshire up to date with the current flooding situation.

It was my first day back at work after the holidays and it’s pretty much not stopped raining for the past few days so the roads are quite bad and I live 30 miles away from work. There’s a Facebook page that I’ve followed for a while called Fubar News which reports news and events around the area. It shares big news stories but also the smaller stories that local news wouldn’t report such as lost cats etc.

When I checked it in the afternoon I saw this… 


That’s my Main Street! 

Greg messaged me, finished work early, came to collect me and although we drove through quite a lot of water there was still some daylight and things did get worse later on. Thanks to that update we set off home at the ideal time.

I was slightly concerned that perhaps the house would be flooded but upon messaging someone on the video’s comments thread I was reassured that the area near my house was ok.

The admins of this site have been working so hard to keep everyone up to date, where to get help and also sharing other people’s kind offers of help. It’s been a real community hub during these few days so well done to everyone involved!

There’s not really much anyone can do to stop these things happening but an awareness and precautionary measures do help so I hope everyone stays safe! 

What about you – have you any stories of where social media played a part in keeping people up to date with a situation? Let me know by commenting below or tweet me @stevesays2014

7 thoughts on “Social Media To The Rescue!

  1. It has still been part of our news here in New Zealand. We are also having storms too. Last night it rained very heavily – I didn’t hear it – getting my beauty sleep. Glad to hear everyone is helping each other out. Keep warm and dry you too.

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