We Did It! Talk About Pop Music Is On The Radio – Thank You!

I did it and it was awesome!

Talk About Pop Music

I’d like to say a huge, pop-tastic thank you to everyone who tuned into the launch of talkaboutpopmusic on the radio. It was awesome!

I really, really enjoyed it and hope everyone else did too. It was better than I’d ever imagined!

The request show was so much fun and it was great hearing from everybody so thanks to all who joined in.

The radio station will be running each weekend with a mixture of different programmes and some live sessions with me. Saturdays are definitely going to be home to the “request show” where you can request a song to be played and ask for a “shout out” to promote you, your blog or whatever you want to share to the other listeners live on air. Share the blog love, share the music love and all that.

Sunday’s live shows will be “number one” orientated with my weekly most…

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