January Plans And A Surprise Award

Suzie is sharing the blog love this January and she’s decided to share little, old me! Thanks Suzie and I’m excited to see all the other bloggers!

Suzie Speaks

It was a quiet New Year. The Bloke and I, true to form, completely overdid it on the food and felt sick, so after watching Man of Steel we got bored and went to bed long before the fireworks and the chimes of Big Ben.

As a result I woke up quite early this morning, and as usual logged into the blog. It struck me just how much of a mess it is in – it needs a bit of a revamp and Christmas has meant that I haven’t been as motivated to revisit, edit and/or delete old posts, so I’ve decided that this is a big task for January.

However, I’ve left my main task as a surprise. I was originally going to do this in December, but instead I have turned it into a January introduction, as this is the point where thousands of new bloggers arrive and…

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