Baba Vanga The Blind Bulgarian Mystic Is Going To Help Me Win The Biggest Every National Lottery Jackpot Of £42.2 Million

Baba Vanga, a Bulgarian clairvoyant, has hit the headlines after apparently correctly predicting the 9/11 terror attacks, the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and the rise of ISIS.

The United Kingdom’s biggest Lotto prize is up for grabs as the rollover jackpot climbs to an estimated £42.2million.

I need to pick 6 numbers between 1 and 59 – so, how else should I choose them – over to Baba!

Since she has been pretty good at predicting things that have happened so far in the years beginning with 20 – the first number I choose is 20.

Between 2025 and 2028 a new energy source will be created, global hunger will start to be eradicated and a manned spacecraft to Venus will be launched. Options here are 25, 26, 27 & 28

“From 2033 to 2045 the polar ice caps will melt, causing ocean levels to rise. Meanwhile, Muslims rule Europe and the world economy is thriving. The rise of cloning allows doctors to cure any disease as the body is simply and easily replaced. The US will launch an attack on Muslim Rome using a climate-based ‘instant freezing’ weapon.”

Can’t wait for the cloning or the Mr Freeze weapon – good times! Options here are 33 and 45


A LOT happens from 2170 to 2256, including a Mars colony becoming a nuclear power and demanding independence from the earth, the establishment of an underwater city and the discovery of something “terrible” during the search for alien life.

Oh man, I’m never going to know what the something “terrible” is? Or am I – I’ll be a clone by then, right? Options here are 21, 7,22 and 56


Some time between 2262 and 2304 we’ll crack time travel. Meanwhile French guerrillas fight the Muslim authorities in France. The “secrets of the moon” will be unveiled.

Secrets of the moon? There’s been people living inside it all these years – I knew it! Options here are 22,6,2,23 and 4


From 2341 a series of natural and man-made disasters render our home planet uninhabitable. Humanity escapes to another solar system, but resources are scarce and wars are waged as a result.

Bye, bye Earth! Options here are 23 and 41



3815 to 3878 Civilization has been destroyed and people live like beasts until a new religion rises to lead us out of the darkness.

Fuck – I hate camping! Option here is 38, 15,38,7,8


From 4302 to 4674 the concepts of evil and hatred have been eliminated, humans are immortal and have assimilated with aliens. The 340 billion people scattered throughout the universe can talk to God. Which is nice.

Finally – God gets Skype! Options here are 43, 2, 46, 7 & 4


The end of all things In 5079 the universe will end.

Bummer! Options here are 50, 7 & 9


Okay so what numbers do we have to choose from Baba?


Hmmm, ok that’s 31 numbers which can’t be divided by six and I simply can’t just knock one off so what to do? Okay, let’s look at Baba’s stats.

Born 31 January 1911 so that’s a 31, 19, 11.

One more? Screw you Baba, 29 is my lucky number so I’m having it!


There we have it 36 numbers can be used to buy 6 tickets – in that order. I could have mixed them up and drew them from a hat or maybe you could try that?

Good luck everybody!


I just got Greg to pick his numbers from a TARDIS…

FullSizeRender (22)

FullSizeRender (23)


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7 thoughts on “Baba Vanga The Blind Bulgarian Mystic Is Going To Help Me Win The Biggest Every National Lottery Jackpot Of £42.2 Million

  1. 23 will be in the winning combination. Good luck. I love it when the lotteries get crazy big. Just considering life after winning that is fun. Over here one of the lotteries is over $300 million. Not sure what that is in GBP, but wouldn’t it be funny if we both won? We could start The Billionaire Bloggers Club!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We’ll have to start our own planet since the psychic said ours won’t be habitable in about 300 years. Her predictions were very reminiscent of some Dr. Who plots where in the future the human race has spread out into the Galaxy and other planets and races. I think the psychic must be watching reruns

        Liked by 1 person


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