Oh My F***ing Google…Volume Two

Since it’s almost the end of the year I thought it would be a good time for some reviews of my blog…starting with a follow up to my previous top ten search terms used to find my blog. Warning, it’s pretty random…

I’ll count down the top ten search terms and link to the post(s) I think it relates to…


10 – “the queen funny”

10 Reasons Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Assassinate The Queen…



9 – “things that i love about my country”

United We Stand: 10 Things I Love About My Country…


8 – “awkward easter photos”

The World’s Top 10 Awkward Easter Card Photos 2015…



7 – “google maps itunes”

Forget Google Maps Try Maroon 5 Maps…


6 – “the hotel channel 4”

The Hotel On Channel 4


5 – “fat pussy pics”

This is worry but I can only assume it’s because I post a lot about my cats…


4 – “rolf harris”

Guilty Or Innocent, The Press And The Perverts – You’ve All Just Ruined The Eighties For Me…


3 – “vivean gray”

Soap Star Saturday: Vivean Gray (Mrs Mangel)…


2 – “peter kay car share”

Peter Kay’s “Car Share” Is A Must Watch


1 – “Brittany Snow”

Happy Birthday Dear…Brittany Snow


The number one search term is “Brittany Snow” which was one of the posts from my “Happy Birthday Dear…” features. There is also another few of these types of posts with high search terms such as “queen latifah”, “matt lucas” and “kelly le brock”. I think for anyone looking to increase traffic to their blog, this idea has worked for me. They are a quick, daily post to get people to your blog to also check out other posts – I also find it fun writing these posts too.

Now for some slightly more obscure search terms…warning!


I’m not sure what’s more worrying about these search terms – the fact that people have searched them or the fact that when have they’ve been directed to my blog…

“fat sister pussy pic”, “my sisters fat pussy pics”, “my sisters pussy pics”, “pics of my sisters fat pussy when she’s asleep”


Awww, I do love beavers…

“post your beaver”, “post your beaver tumblr”


Worrying, very, very worrying…

“cliff richard naked”, “xxx dick pick of jesus”


Finally, this one made me laugh so much…

“chucky nicola sturgeon”

What about you? What strange search terms result in people finding your blog – I’d love to know!

For more randomness check me out on…

15 thoughts on “Oh My F***ing Google…Volume Two

  1. Mine are a bit boring, although the ones that led to my post about an evil space hopper were a little suspect (bouncy hopper girls / ball hopper woman / girl space hopper bouncy).
    Then I had ‘why do we want indulgent breakfast?’ and ‘unknowingly counting’. Counting what? I’m not sure I have a post about counting!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘Cast Fetish’
    ‘A situation that needs to get up f*cked’
    Kim Kardashians pregnant feet
    Puke face
    a smear of ice-cream
    Old Spice belly button
    Church of notre dame time splitter

    And the best one of all….

    Testicle moisturiser.

    Does testicle moisturiser even exist? I’m thinking there’s a niche in the market if you’re looking to make some money Steve. Got no idea how that lead them to my blog though!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’ve had two people find my blog by searching “home and other big fat lies book” I have absolutely no idea what they were actually looking for, but I think they found my book review of Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.

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