Madonna’s #RebelHeartTour Comes To Glasgow – “Bitch, We Wanna Be In Your Gang!”

Simply awesome!

Talk About Pop Music

Madonna, Queen Of Pop, arrived in Scotland by private jet just five hours before showtime and went on to put on an amazing performance at the SSE Hydro, Glasgow.

This was my second time to see Madge but I knew even before the show that it would be better. Previously at Murrayfield the venue didn’t lend itself to the performance very well but this time in the SSE Hydro I knew there would be potential for greatness!

Madonna was running late but I didn’t really care, I could wait. However, I heard some people complaining because they still had to get up early for work the next day – shame!

When she arrived, the show opened with “Iconic” and the venue went wild!

I don’t have any actual videos of the show – I was sucking up the moment, take note people who watch the concert through their smart phones!

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